The Deck Re-Do

Here finally are some pictures of our deck.  I’m way late in getting these out because I have been busy with so many other projects going at one time.  And I haven’t even started on house cleaning and planning for all the visitors we have coming throughout the summer. So exciting!!


First, this picture of the carpenter working on the outside portion of the deck.  When he gave us an estimate he mentioned that he might have to use a harness for this part.  But later he told me there was a ledge on this wall.  Really?  I’ve never noticed. 


Here’s a close-up view to show you how little the ledge is.  No wonder I never saw it.


Big improvement



We didn’t have the floor done by Phil but instead we will stain it to match the brown railings


The same day Phil finished up we were outside enjoying the much improved atmosphere


Our once a week serving of salmon.  Otherwise we are still meatless and don’t miss it.


I ordered seven solar light caps for the posts (half the price through Amazon than other retailers).  Disclosure:  I might buy some Amazon stock



These last two pictures were taken 26 days apart.  What a difference!