Glorious Visitors Galore

The only camping trip this summer has been to Twin Lakes but honestly, living in Manitou Springs is like being on vacation.  The added bonus is our great friends go out of their way to visit us here.
Just ask Tessa.  She visited last year and likes Manitou so much that she came back this year along with her daughter Lia.  In fact, Lia took this stunning picture with her cell phone that Tessa told me not to put on the blog.  But it’s too cute not to.
Can you believe Tessa drove her Lazy Daze all the way to Nicaragua with her kids a few years ago?  After that they went to northeastern Canada where we met for the first of many times during that trip.
And if that wasn’t enough, Tessa also took her children on a grand tour of Europe by motor home.  Here is a link to the website she maintained at the time.

Tessa and me on the veranda at the Cliff House – a wonderful old hotel in Manitou Springs.  The wine made me so woozy that I had to skip going to my Photoshop class and instead stay at the Cliff House (four stars) for dinner.  Thank you again Tessa!!!

  Almost everyone who reads RV blogs k


Although Lynne and I met last year in Quartzsite, Tessa and Lynne had never personally met.  Lynne decided to arrange a surprise and visit when Tessa was here.  I planned a big lunch knowing there would be seven of us (Steve, Lynne’s brother and girlfriend included) and had a heck of a time trying to keep it secret from Tessa because Lynne was delayed and lunch was ready.  When the knock on the door came, I asked Tessa to go with me to the door, and SURPRISE!!  Lots of pictures were taken but not with my camera so this will have to do.  I do have one other picture of Lynne but she won’t allow me to post it.  I should though, because she is displaying a horrid picture of me on Facebook.  We had a blast and now we are all patiently waiting for Lynne’s post on her most interesting trip back to Illinois.
Another tidbit is that Lynne and I are tentatively planning to RV to Mexico for the winter.  Tulip is ready to go and Lynne just has to get her Sprinter van ready.  Lynne has never been to Mexico and has offered me a bribe I can’t resist – she will teach me Photoshop since I flunked out of the class I was taking this summer due to extenuating circumstances.
Jack and Chris were here again this year but sadly this will probably be the last time.  They are at the moment on their way to Baltimore to ship the Class A that they bought in the US to Europe.  Jack and Chris, who are British but live in southern France, had been traveling full time the past 5 or 6 years.  We first met in 2009 when we planned to travel together as part of an informal caravan to Panama.  We regretfully decided not to go but they made it all the way.  Now they want us to come to Europe the winter of 2014 and RV to Morocco together.  It’s tempting.  Above are Jack and Chris on the left with Steve and I  after we entered Mexico in 2009.
Jack and Chris parked in my mother’s driveway for a few days until they could get into a local campground.  On the right is another friend, Rita, who also happened to be visiting us from Texas.  She and I go back to our single, fun loving days 40 years ago.  My mother is on the left and if she saw that picture I would be disowned but she doesn’t know about this blog so I’m in the clear.
Snarky Bob and Happy Jack
Then Steve’s brother (in back of Jack) and his wife were out here from Kansas and came for dinner the same time we had Jack and Chris over. 
And one more visitor will be arriving in a couple of weeks.  Ron, who lives in Mexico and was here two years ago, is slowing making his way north.  He bought a new RV last week and I can’t wait to see it. 
Steve and I are taking Tulip to Topeka next month to celebrate his father’s 88th birthday.  He was recently diagnosed with cancer and we want to make this birthday as special as we can.  Which reminds me that I need to make camping reservations at Shawnee Lake there.

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