For Sale By Owner


Want to buy a house with great views?  Ours is for sale now but our expectations for selling it this year are not very high.  Interest rates have gone up, the buying season is coming to an end, and our town has been in the news too much for flooding this year.  In fact it has poured off and on since last night with even more rain expected tomorrow so Manitou Springs might be in the news again.  Normally the rainy season is past by now but this year has been unusual.  Which reminds me that I never did post those flood pictures I promised – oops.

We put our house in the MSL through a flat fee real estate broker that charged $395.  This way we only pay the buyer’s commission should the house sell.  Keeping our fingers crossed.

Why are we selling?  Ecuador, New Zealand, Australia, Newfoundland and Quebec again, Glacier NP, Banff, perhaps Europe once more, etc. etc. etc.

I still plan to make my winter escape to Mexico.  Lynne, who is going to follow me down, is getting so enthused about exploring that before you know it she will have us in Panama and beyond!  She made me stop playing Words With Friends in order to start learning Spanish.

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