Waiting On Pins and Needles

Mike the realtor called after showing our house this morning.  He said the couple spent a lot of time in the house and really liked it.  They have looked at several houses and usually walked right back out because the wife is adamant that she wants a big entrance area.  I think the biggest room in this house is our foyer so we had that covered.  They also loved having the great views.  The only negative was lack of storage space.   Of course now they are thinking it over and maybe tomorrow we will hear something and I can start packing.  The best part of moving is the packing and anticipation of what comes next. 

I was going to do a Wordless Wednesday post but since I didn’t, here it is:

The Fastest Pizza In The West


Five minutes total start to finish:  1) Your favorite tortilla – this one is flax meal and blue corn 2) Pizza sauce from a jar 3) Vegan pepperoni 4) Low fat mozzarella cheese 5) Fresh basil if you have it 6) I put this on a lowered rack on broil for about 2 minutes.  About 170 calories.


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