Survived The Night

Happy to be leaving this dusty, dirty parking lot in about 30 minutes.  It just needs to get a little lighter and we are on our way.  The roads south of here are much better than to the north so we should make good time today.  We won’t be staying in northern Mazatlan for a night since we ought to make it to our month long destination just to the south of the city.


  1. Hi, Evelyn,

    I am enjoying the updates from the road! I will be eager to see some more pictures of paradise so I can live vicariously, as I have had icicles hanging from my View awning for a week now!

    I am sorry to hear about your nephew, but glad he is relieved of pain.

    Enjoy the beach!


  2. Thank you Suzanne. Yes, I will dig out my good camera from it's hiding place and hope to take some pictures half as beautiful as Lynne's.

    Lynne said you might visit us here. I am looking forward to meeting you.


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