Jardin Botanico de Amaitlan

Across the road directly behind our motor homes is a botanical garden as of yet not open to the public.  However, we on the island are allowed to go behind the barrier and stroll the wonderful gardens.  A company from Durango called Amaitlan started the gardens three years ago and the project is not complete nor the plants matured and filled in.  Nonetheless, is is a beautiful garden just as it is.


Amaitlan has been buying up land in this area and according to a real estate website “This agricultural commune area will be converted to a sustainable tourist resort.  The Brazilian urban planner and architect Jaime Lerner, who is the head of urban planning in Curitiba and other European cities, is in charge of the master plan of Isla Amaitlán..The concept involves creating a “green” or garden city with “green” buildings that take into account the ecological surroundings.
The 125-hectare area will have seven hotel lots on 325 thousand square meters, 18 lots for mixed use, 518 residential lots and 29 commercial lots.”




The paths and stonework throughout are beautifully designed and some are quite artistic.




This type of fencing surrounds most of the gardens


A long archway of different colors of bougainvillea



Yellow bougainvillea


Curious what this work in progress will be when completed.


Cactus garden



You can just barely make out the top of Lynne’s RV beyond the entrance



We each held up the poles so that the other and our dogs could enter and exit underneath.  Temptation almost overtook me for a moment.

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