Steve Is Here

His plane was almost 7 hours late leaving Colorado Springs Sunday because of fog which is practically unheard of there.  Naturally he missed his connection in Dallas and so he was re-routed to Mexico City where he then had to take a sky train to the Aero Mexico terminal for his flight to Mazatlan.  Friends Carol and Frank in RV1 were super to drive me to the airport for Steve’s 11 pm arrival, the last flight of the night into Mazatlan.  It’s a long drive on the gravel road…..particularly late at night.  Steve’s luggage didn’t make it so he spent some time with the airport night manager filing a report.  The lights were being turned off in the airport before we got out of there to make the 45 minute trip back to the RV park. 

Frank loaned Steve shorts and a tee shirt for the next day because all he had were his long pants and long sleeved shirt.  That afternoon Steve received a phone call to go to the dock and get his suitcase as it would be arriving on a panga in just a few minutes.  Steve didn’t know the way to the dock yet and there wasn’t enough time to walk it anyway so once again Bill came to the rescue with his motor scooter.


I don’t know how Bill got that big duffel bag suitcase on the scooter and drove it at the same time but he did.

Steve had barely slept the night before he left Colorado because he had to be at the airport at 5 am and then we got back so late that he missed getting another full night of sleep.  We didn’t do much his first day back other than wait for his suitcase and once that arrived we went to the beach with Molly.



I’m glad Steve saw some of the horses as we don’t have much time left on the Isla before we leave.  We spent a good part of the day yesterday in the city and came back after dark.  I’ll catch up on blog posts eventually but right now we are pretty busy visiting with friends and taking in the sights.

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