I Won

Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce hosted a photo contest on their Visit Manitou Facebook page that ran from May 1st to the 16th. The photos with the most likes, comments, and shares would win first place, and so on through 3rd place. All of my family and friends were on notice NOT to vote for me and for the most part they obliged. Not to be bragging but three of my photos had the most likes for first, second, and third place so the Chamber combined them. I’m glad the Chamber did that because that way other contestants would receive 2nd and 3rd place recognition and the same prize as 1st place.

We were encouraged to enter as many photos as we could and I think I entered about 10. The funny thing was that this photo

Manitou Springs Chair Project

took off into first place right off and stayed there for a week.  I entered a few more.  Then I entered the one below of the Crystal Wizard just for the heck of it and because I know many of the young locals like this shop:


To my mind anyone could snap this picture but it zoomed past the first picture in just a matter of hours.  I really did not want this one to get the most votes but it did.

My favorite two pictures below barely got any votes but we all can’t have the same taste can we?




This yoga group picture is another one of my favorites but it was way down in the voting too.

I originally entered this contest for the very special prize which I will receive tomorrow or the next day and that deserves a post all to itself.  More to come……


  1. I like the first one best. And the nighttime one would be a great Christmas card. You're a good person. I would have called everyone I knew to ask them to vote for ME.

    Honestly, looking at the photos of your town and reading your posts, if I lived there I wouldn't sell my home, I'd rent it out. I moved from an area like that north of Placerville, CA and I'd love to live there again. Maybe someday, but I'll bet I couldn't afford to buy. Humm, wonder if they have RV parks up there? 🙂


  2. We do keep thinking that we'll never find a better town and if we sell we could never buy a nice house here again. My only other choice of a place to live would be in your area of Placerville but California is not affordable for us.

    We have also thought about staying in the RV park in town just in the summer. If we had California's climate here, I would never leave.


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