Four Wheeling

Southwestern Colorado is one of the best places in the nation for a multitude of four wheel drives.  I keep saying we need to camp in this area for at least two weeks to get our fill.  Since we only had time for one we chose Yankee Boy Basin just a mile from Ouray.  The drive is rated as moderate (blue) and is 9.3 miles long.  We drove 7.5 miles up before turning around.  Stock SUV’s do go all the way but we feel like our Tracker does not have high enough clearance for some of the extreme dips in the road.  

YankeeBoyBasin 8

YankeeBoyBasin 6 Some of the land in this area is privately owned 

YankeeBoyBasin 4

DSC 5594
YankeeBoyBasin 2This is about 11,000 feet elevation and even Molly was getting winded.  You may be wondering what we are going to do with her while we go cruising.  It sure would be nice to take her along but Molly will be staying with a friend in Yuma who is also going to let us park our vehicles at her house.  

YankeeBoyBasin 3

YankeeBoyBasin 7

There are several old mines in the area – some still active.

YankeeBoyBasin 1

Such a perfect day! 

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