Queen Victoria Building

Knowing that we will probably never return to Sydney we have made the most of yesterday and today by walking until it hurts.  The first place we visited was the Queen Victoria Building, otherwise referred to locally as QVB.

QVB 1Originally built in 1898 as a market place, the QVB was designed on the scale of a cathedral in a Victorian Romanesque style and takes up a city block.  It was restored in 1986 and now has four levels of upscale boutique shops.

The pedestrian traffic lights at this intersection all change to walk at the same time, including diagonally, explaining the mass of people.

I have oodles of pictures to show you but not enough time to write much so here goes the first batch of pictures:

SydneyOct22 13

The top floor

SydneyOct22 16Here you can see the four levels at once

SydneyOct22 17SydneyOct22 18SydneyOct22 14SydneyOct22 12SydneyOct22 8The Queen Victoria Building is a definite must see.  Steve saw it a month ago when he went on an outing with our dinner partners from the cruise.  I actually did not do too much during that week in Sydney because of still being sick since Fiji.  It took a month to get well but now I am good as new again.

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