Tasmania Rumors

I don’t have a strong enough signal from tethering my phone to my laptop to send a regular post with pictures.  I do have one final post with pictures from Sydney but who knows when you will see it.

It is Sunday about 4pm in Melbourne and we depart at 6 for Tasmania but there are rumors, with no announcements so far, that because of bad weather we are not going to Tasmania.  That is a real disappointment because it was the main reason we chose this particular cruise.

If we don’t go to Tasmania, our next port to get off the ship is six days away on Saturday when we dock in Port Chalmers near Dunedin in New Zealand.  We will cruise the Milford Sound and Fiordland National Park before then but will only dock shortly for just the people to get off who are taking a $1,000+ shore excursion that will meet back up with the ship in Port Chalmers.

The dock in Melbourne is not close enough to the city center to walk so we all had to buy a bus pass for $14 each to get downtown.  Special busses drove us near the visitor center and from there it was easy to get around.  My legs still hurt from Sydney and so we didn’t go very far.  Normally I take vitamin B-50 for the periodic pains I get in my calves (it really works) but forgot to bring it and have not seen stores in Australia that sells vitamins.



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