Lo De Marcos Hermits

We are in Lo De Marcos doing pretty much nothing for a change. The last four months of travel was exhausting and I know you don’t feel sorry for us but it sure is nice to just to sit around for a while with no place to go.

We stopped in Mazatlan for two nights on our way to Lo De Marcos and blog reader Janet came by and introduced herself. Good old Tulip sure stands out to get us noticed. Anyway, her first question was “just how many days did you spend cruising”? The answer is 53 days in less than four months and I never want to get on a cruise ship again! Steve kept interjecting that yes we are going to cruise again. Just a couple of hours later I checked my email and there was an apology from Carnival about our itinerary changes and that in addition to the $400 shipboard credit they already gave us, they are also giving us 25% off our next cruise. Okay, that is tempting when and if they sail to South America. Thanks Janet for letting us know the bypass around Mazatlan has been completed. We would have been caught by surprise and might have made a wrong turn.

While in San Carlos, a couple asked if we could follow each other south which we did and a pleasant experience it was as we both bent over backwards trying to accommodate the other in departure times, speed traveled, etc. They only spent one night in Mazatlan but we stayed two because we were so tired and therefore traveled alone to Lo De Marcos, about 35 miles north of Puerto Vallarta. This time we drove the Tepic route vs San Blas. We have driven both routes more than once and every time we drive one we tell each other “never again” and that we will drive the other way next time. Also, there is now finally a gas station on the toll road to Tepic about half way from Mazatlan. At least now we have a place to pull over for a little break if we need one.

We are in a park that is on the beach in Lo De Marcos which is such a nice little town with 10 RV parks; actually they are called trailer parks in Mexico.  Not sure how long we will stay here as my mother and brother are coming to Puerto Vallarta in a few days and so we might move Tulip and ourselves to a park there. We drove into PV last week and checked out Tacho’s Trailer Park because it is where the caravans from Quebec go and we wanted to make sure it would not be full. We stayed in the only other RV park in Puerto Vallarta back in 2010 and had to leave, and could not get into Tachos either, when the caravans arrived. If I understood the Spanish speaking manager correctly, three caravans arrive in February and even now there are a lot of motorhomes there and mostly from Quebec.  All the notices up in the ladies bathroom are in French.

The internet is so weak here that I cannot upload pictures. Normally we can’t even get on the internet but a lot of people went whale watching so there should be enough juice to at least get this posted.




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