Vineyard Camping

Harvest Hosts is a membership organization for campers and RV’ers that allows overnight stays at participating vineyards, farms, and a few museums.  So far we have stayed at just one and hit the jackpot for a great experience.

This vineyard had many different kinds of wine grapes spread over an area of rollings hills with views for miles. The owner of the vineyard also has a winery a few miles away and a few more vineyards for his grapes.  We met him while out walking and he invited us to stay as long as we wanted.  It was tempting because I was getting in some good exercise walking the hilly terrain several times a day but without access to water or dumping we couldn’t stay long.

Molly was off the leash in the vineyards and loved it. She would run a few feet and then lay in the grass and bury her nose, then run again and do the same over and over.

A lush lawn has been put in along side a creek in a secluded area on the backside of the vineyard. We would have never found it had the owner not told us where to find it.This vineyard has an old barn for wine tasting on the weekend and other than those six hours Saturday and Sunday, we had the vineyard all to ourselves.


  1. My partner and I have enjoyed so many fabulous places through Harvest Hosts in Canada and the US. Really a fabulous way to travel, isn’t it? I wish I had started my blog sooner. I may need to go backwards to do a post about this experience. Thanks for bringing it back to mind.


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