St. Kitts and St. Maarten


These signs are on several decks and are a big help to find my way off the ship as my seeing eye girl Lauren mostly opts to stay on board.


Hindsight tells me I should have booked an island tour in St. Kitts as there are several that look interesting. I will have a second chance when it is time for Steve to see some of the Caribbean. This is the center of Basseterre. There is a huge shopping area for the cruisers just beyond the museum on the left side of this picture. This, the actual town was mostly devoid of people from the ship.



This small island is home to Dutch St. Maarten and French St. Martin. Our ship docked in St. Maarten, a very pretty place. I took this water taxi to Philipsburg, the capitol.


Spectacular color which I have not made one single enhancement or adjustment to. It is straight out of the camera. Not too many people took advantage of the beach chairs that locals rent out for approximately $10, but they were pretty to look at as every section was a different color.


This nice long walkway covers the length of the city along the beach. As you might expect, being Dutch, the city was very clean.


Pretty little church. Children inside were being taught hymns to a subtle Caribbean drum beat in the background.



The Wind Surf, docked next to our ship, is the largest cruise sail ship in the world



There were many high dollar yachts in port as well as three cruise ships. Next stop for us is Antigua.


    • For me, February 1st is “over the hump day” so it’s been great to be in the Caribbean at this time. At the moment our home town is dealing with 16.5 inches of snow. Being so far north, I imagine your Spring isn’t far off.

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    • Great picture of the Wind Surf with the sails out. I noticed a picture on your blog of the Carnival Spirit in the Sydney harbor. We were on her sister ship, the Carnival Legend, to Sydney in September 2014. We had a fantastic welcome!


  1. Lovely post. Just wrote about my experience while on a cruise in St Maarten and it’s quite similar to yours. We had a day and we spent just roaming around Philipsburg and enjoyed a more relaxed time sitting in cafes and shopping a bit. Have a read on my blog.


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