Cruise Days 18 and 20 – Puerto Montt, Chile

Cruise Day 18 we docked in Valparaiso. This is where the first cruise we booked ended and the second was to begin. Originally we were supposed to get off the boat and go through the whole standing in line process to get back on board, but Norwegian thankfully decided we could have our cabin attendants move our luggage to the new cabin and all we had to do was go to Guest Services to obtain our new key card. I say thankfully, because I was wrung out sick and just wanted to get back in bed.

Cruise Day 19 was a sea day and I needed it to recuperate as we had tours booked for day 20 and 21.  By the time we docked in Puerto Montt I was feeling much better. Not great, but okay enough to go on a tour.

I had really been looking forward to Puerto Montt for it’s beautiful landscape. It is the gateway to Chile’s lake district – a land of volcanoes, fjords, lush green hills, and with a distinctive German influence.

Our tour included the highlights of Puerto Montt, capital of the Lake District, and the nearby towns of Puerto Varas and Frutillar. The latter two towns are located on Lake Llanquihue, the third largest lake in Chile.


Puerto Varas is the wealthiest town in Chile, where many of the elite come to vacation or have second homes. I should have taken a picture of the market place we went to for all the colorful knitted products. The knitted and crocheted capes are to die for! I bought one made of Alpaca yarn in Arica and now wished I had bought more.


Drive by shot from the bus of the main church in Puerto Varas



Fruitillar, a charming village founded in 1856 by German settlers and noted for its Alpine and traditional German style architecture is where my camera got more of a workout.


Beautiful grounds of the German museum


German museum



Lake Theater in Frutillar has eye catching wood siding in various colors



The setting of this little village on the lake is magnificent. The Osorno Volcano is often compared to Mt. Fuji for it’s perfect symmetry.

Sorry to be whipping through these posts so quickly, but I am so far behind and can only write when in port. The ships’ internet is too slow to do much of anything. It seem like forever, but this cruise is still ongoing and tomorrow is a sea day again.


  1. My daughter just returned from 3 weeks in Chile and loved it. From relaxing beachside, to Hiking in Patagonia and climbing a volcano, she said it was a beautiful country with wonderful people everywhere she went.


  2. Well, you’ll appreciate that one cape much more than if you’d gotten a bunch of them. 🙂 Glad you were able to feel well enough for that tour. Beautiful pics once again!


    • You are right about the capes that I need one. I was actually of all the females in our family and However, I got very sick the night of Puerto Montt. And mentally sick after four visits ($$$) to the ship’s clinic. Thanks for stopping by. If I ever get well I will write about more of the trip.


      • Heyyyyyyyy Ev. How’s it going? No I didnt read your post thoroughly. I’m just skimming madly in a bid to catch up with everyone while I’m off sick and unable to do much. How the dickens are you then?


      • Same as you…..sick. Hope you recover quicker than me. Ship’s doctor wanted to put me off the ship to a hospital in Chile! Now back in US and under medical care here. I have to skim posts myself, particularly when access to internet is random.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hope to get more answers at the doc today. Infection in my gut with constant fevers.
        Steve is taking good care of me here in southern Arizona.
        Meant to tell you my mother reads every word of your posts while I have a lot of catching up to do.

        Liked by 1 person

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