New Years Eve

Last night’s celebration was the best. We particularly enjoyed all the Elvis music that people danced to.  Almost 100 people came to the party and you would think everyone had known each other for ages because of the friendliness.  There were people from at least 7 countries including New Zealand having a great time.  One of the campers smoked (for 25 hours) 50 pounds of beef that he bought at COSCO in Guadalajara. 

I’ve been keeping track of our expenses all month and here’s what we have spent (excluding various insurances): 

Fuel RV Site Toll Roads Border Fees Entertainment + Phone Busses/Taxi’s Groceries TOTAL
280 306 59 115 236 18 208 1222

December is a little skewed because we crossed into Mexico the 4th and we were already pretty stocked up on groceries.  Also, our week at Ron’s place in Chapala was free. And we had border fees to pay for our visa and vehicle permit that we won’t have again.  We discovered one of the reasons we can get by on so much less is that we don’t buy stuff because the “house” is too small to hold anything more.  AND, we don’t have all those monthly bills coming in for utilities, cable, internet etc. that really add up. And getting rid of two car means less on insurance,  vehicle registration fees, and maintenance.

Speaking of friendliness, the inhabitants of Villa Corona are very nice.  They often initiate greetings, especially “good morning” no matter what time of day it is.  This village is cleaner than most too and I haven’t seen a single underfed dog. 

I hope everyone will have a prosperous and happy new year.  Ours couldn’t be better and we can say this decision to travel in the RV was the best move we could have made.  

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