Around Town

This park is so nice that we decided to stay another week.  It’s tempting to move every few days but we will be in Mexico quite a while longer and there’s no better place than this park to relax (and save money for the more expensive coast coming up.)  In addition to being an RV park and hot swimming pool complex, it is also a VERY large park with trees and flowers.  And this side of the lake is actually a bird sanctuary.  Yesterday a cowboy came through herding a small herd of cattle along the lake but I couldn’t get my camera fast enough to take a picture.  Yesterday we went with fellow Colorado RV’ers to the outskirts of Guadalajara to a large supermarket for serious grocery shopping.  We are able to get almost anything we want but there’s a few items we will stock up on next trip down, particularly every day cheeses like cheddar.
Today we walked to the downtown of Villa Corona.  It’s interesting to see just how many, many little shops there are mingled into the neighborhoods and in the center of town.  It must be quite easy set up shop here.  Doubtful that the shop keepers have to buy a business license each year, carry liability insurance, pay for workers compensation insurance, federal unemployment insurance, state unemployment insurance, employers social security, employers medicare, and so on.  Here’s a few pictures from around town.
Coffee/pastry shop owner
The town post office where we bought a stamp
Ornate church on the plaza
If the houses are painted, they are always colorful