Still in Villa Corona

Steve and I have both had colds and this is as good a place as any to recuperate.  Steve’s cold has been lingering for about 10 days now which is unusual.  He usually gets over stuff pretty quick.  It’s been a little chilly here but still very nice compared to up north.  One of the RV’ers that comes here every year for the winter threw his own birthday party last night for the entire RV park.  We had BBQ’d pork, beans, cole slaw, rice, cobbler, and punch with a punch.  Plus he went into town, found,  and hired a band and their music was outstanding. They played mariachi naturally, but also a lot of music from around the world.  Next month, the owners of the park are throwing a Valentines party for the campers that are here.  We might just spend next winter here too. 
A couple came to our RV yesterday because they wanted to see inside it. This happens often.  They drive a little van and set up a tent beside it to be their kitchen and would like something bigger.  This couple is originally from Scotland, they are 76, and started a fishing camp on a lake far north in Ontario 50 years ago.  It’s so cold there that they leave 6 months of every year.  So anyway, they have invited us to visit them this summer.  We meet so many nice people and so many are “older” but don’t seem to know it, act it, or care.
We have been asked a few times what the price of gas is.  Our motor home uses diesel and it’s about 2.45 a gallon.  Gas is a little less.  Once you’re down this far in Mexico, the distances to all the places everyone goes aren’t that great and so gas isn’t a big part of the budget for the time being.  Our motor home averages 17.5 mpg which is very good compared to most.  Friend Ron from Chapala is only getting 4 mpg in his brand new big motor home! 
A reader wants to see pictures of the RV park.  I have taken many since we have been here and usually end up deleting them.  There are so many trees here that it’s hard to show what this park really looks like.  And the non RV of the park is so big you can look in every direction and not see the end of it (other than the lake).
IMG_1214      IMG_1212
The tree above is a ficus which are houseplants back home.