Ocean Colors

The ocean colors here are the prettiest I have ever seen.  There’s a big stripe of deep blue further out and lighter blue near the shore.  I took countless pictures trying to capture the dramatic change in color.  Either I need a ladder to stand taller or a Nikon.  I hope it’s the latter. 
The bay here is small, beautiful, and practically empty.  It’s very easy to walk from one end to the other as the sand is nice and soft.  Unfortunately the restaurants along the beach have no customers and the owners have the most pleading looks when they ask if you want to eat there.  Wished we could but we can’t eat out every day……….just every other. 
I shouldn’t make comparisons but, as much as we liked Melaque, there’s no contest with Lo De Marcos.  Can’t wait to see what we like better next week.  We paid for a week because the discount was too good to pass up ($16.50 a night in dollars).