Creatures In Paradise

When we were in eastern Mexico I wrote about how pathetic the dogs looked and that there were so many dead ones along side the road.  In comparison, the dogs in these little towns in this part of Mexico have it made.  They have free roam of the town, none are bothersome, and they look well fed.  Actually all the animals look to be in good shape and probably couldn’t ask for a better life.
Almost camouflaged.  This tiny, tiny, dog went under the fence when we walked by.  Otherwise, he was free to come and go and had been visiting the dogs at the church.
Mooo-cho Buena beach. This cow was definitely lost.
Neighhhborhood close to the RV parks.  I took this picture to show the beautiful high green mountains to the east.
LoDeMarcus-40 Lo De Barkos Church
This bird was in a tree next to our RV. 

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