Mexican RV Parks

are unique in that vendors come through every day to sell you their products, mostly food. The convenience of walking out your RV door to buy fresh produce, fresh fish, bakery items, drinking water, ice cream cones, and more is wonderful.  The Melaque RV park had a constant stream of vendors coming through.  I bought a small table cloth for our outside table from one.  There was a lady carrying a covered basket that came in the evening selling hot rice pudding flavored with cloves that was delicious.  Some of the vendors play a type of music so you soon recognize that it’s the water truck or the fish truck and so on.
Today we walked out to the highway to get some cash from the ATM at the gas station.  Lo De Marcos is small enough that there is no bank or ATM machine in town.  Speaking of cash, that is how we pay for everything.  So far, I haven’t noticed that any RV Park or restaurant that we have been to takes credit or debit cards.  The gas stations are also cash only. Mexican gas stations are government owned and there is only one brand, Pemex.  The price is set by the government and is the same no matter what gas station you go to.  The gas stations are modern with lots of room for pulling in and out.  Usually there is an Oxxo store co-located with the gas station or it’s next door.  An Oxxo is like  a 7-11 store.
This is the common area for our little RV park.  There’s a big bookcase fully stocked, a washing machine (80 cents a load), and small pool.  There’s also 3 bungalow apartments that can be rented if you don’t have an RV.