Beach and Lagoon Pictures

I have been holding back on the number and size of the pictures I post because there is a limit on the  megabytes I have available which I thought was pretty small. But I discovered the pictures I post automatically go into Picasa and saw that I have only used 2.5% of my allotment.   Below are some that were taken a few days ago when we walked the length of the bay.
We are staying one more week and then will go to Mazatlan to meet Dick and Jenny.  They are having Carnival now until Thursday next week and the town is probably crowded this week.  Plus we like the low rates here and the quiet, laid back atmosphere.
See where the ocean changes to a darker color
This beach is like the ones you see in advertisements. Deserted.
This strip of beach is between the ocean and a  lagoon and explains why there’s no development at the northern end.
The northern end of the beach

This lagoon is right next to the campground.  Supposedly there is a crocodile living here.  I haven’t had one insect bite since being here and haven’t used repellent.