A Long Day

We woke up at 6 am to one of the hardest rains I’ve ever heard and thought we wouldn’t be able to leave if it kept up.  Luckily, the rain slowed down and we were on the road by 8.  The most direct route to Mazatlan was to head straight up into the mountains to get on  the toll expressway but we elected to follow the coast to San Blas and after that we stayed on the libre (free) roads until about 60 miles before Mazatlan.  As a result, it took us 8 1/2 hours to get here but the drive was scenic and interesting.  It rained most of the day, we arrived in Mazatlan during rush hour, missed a turn in horrendous traffic, but thankfully the GPS got us on the right road with no problems. We are at Mar Rosa RV Park in the central tourist district on the beach.  It’s kind of expensive and we may find somewhere else after a couple of days but it’s nice being so close in.   Tomorrow we will go sightseeing with Dick and Ginny who are here staying at a resort.  These pictures were taken from a moving car in the rain but they give an idea of the scenery today.
All the hills in this one area had trees with purple blooms
Unfortunately, this is what many buildings look like
And then there’s this building in Mazatlan that’s a disco!

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  1. The purple on the Mt. Reminds me of the mountains in Scotland wwhich were covered with Heather I think.It was so pretty. Stay dry.


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