Isla de las Pedras

Yesterday we took a little boat to an island that is also called Stone Island, but it’s actually a peninsula so the names are confusing.IMG_1658
The shuttle boat ride (boats on the right) was only $4.80 total for the two of us.  The cruise ships offer a tour here for a heck of a lot more.  It’s a nice diversion for one day but not worth a commercial tour price.  The best part was looking at the boats and Mexican Navy ships, and especially the pelicans at the dock.  Once we arrived at the island we took a “taxi” which was actually a ride in the back of a Toyota pickup truck to the beach.  It’s a cool ride and nice for picture taking.IMG_1672 IMG_1635There is an RV park next to the restaurant where we had lunch.  The RV’ers have to drive over an hour down the peninsula to get to the park and then if  they go into Mazatlan or need groceries they must take the shuttle boat back and forth. After we got back to Mazatlan Dick drove us along the city coast road and malecon. IMG_1676     
Mazatlan is a larger city than I thought and actually has a skyline.  Monday, Dick and Ginny are moving to another time share resort in the far north part of the city.  We drove out there to take a look and it was like being in the US.  All modern hotels, condos, wide boulevards, and lots of sprawl.  We went into a coffee shop to buy some beans and all the employees were young American women.  I’m sure glad we’re not in an RV park on that end of town.  What’s the sense of coming to Mexico to stay in an area like that?