Downtown Mazatlan is fascinating because it’s busy, crowded and not in the least touristy.  It’s a real downtown city for the people who live here.  There’s an indoor Mercado (market) that covers one square block with shops of every kind.  It is the place to buy fresh vegetables, meats, clothes, nuts and grains, sweets, fish, etc. And you know the meat is fresh   when you see the butchers cutting up a whole beef carcass.  IMG_1705
There was a stand selling several types of healthy juices that I had never heard of before.  One was made of barley.  We bought a cup of Jamaica Flower juice and it was delicious. It was wine colored and I thought it was some sort of berry until we got back to the RV and I Googled it.  It’s actually hibiscus flower petal juice.  Supposedly it has several health benefits and studies show that it reduces blood pressure.
We spent a total of $51.51 (dollars) today and here is all that we got for that and I am using the conversion rate after the bank and ATM fees: 
Bus to town, return by taxi + tip, lunch of omelettes/toast/hash browns/juices/ fruit plate/tip, Jamaica juice, a dress, a T-shirt, 2 kinds of fresh veggies + fresh pineapple, a music CD, IMG_1700generic tylenol, generic advil.
We also went to the plaza in front of the beautiful Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. A group of musicians from Ecuador was performing and so we sat and listened for a while and then bought one of their CD’s. 
We walked quite a while trying to find our way to the ocean and finally figured out we were getting close because it got cooler and breezy.  It was tempting to walk back to the RV park (5 miles maybe) because the views are what you see below on the return trip.  But one of the little pulmonias, an open air taxi which is really a golf cart, came along and away we went.


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