Prescription Medicines

There are at least five pharmacies between here and the two mile walk to the malecon.  We stopped into one to check prices and start a little supply to get us through until next year.  Most prices were about 1/3 of what we paid in the US with the exception being the $4 generics from Wal-Mart.  The pharmacy clerk was rather unfriendly and impatient with us until Steve asked her if they had anything for snoring. She thought that was really funny and made a few jokes.  But no, they didn’t have anything.  I think we should buy one of those Teardrop trailers to pull behind the motor home and paint it up like a doghouse. (Just kidding).
I have always wondered how a pharmaceutical salesman’s performance could be measured.  I just assumed they go around chatting with doctors, handing out samples, and collecting big paychecks.  We met a retired rep down here so I asked him.  When a doctor prescribes a drug, it goes into a database at the pharmacy.  The big drug companies buy these databases and can see what any doctor is prescribing and how often.  The reps use this to determine what drugs to “target” the doctors with.  And this is how the drug companies monitor the performance of their salesmen to pay them their bonuses.