Niagara Falls

All I can say is “what took me so long to go there” and “why doesn’t everybody see Niagara Falls just once in their lifetime”?  So I won’t write anything else and will just post some pictures.  The dilemma is which ones do I choose.  No matter how good the view from one spot, there’s always a fantastic view in a few more steps, or on the other side of the river, or from the bridge, or from the top of the falls, or from Goat Island.

                    American Falls from the Canadian side


       Ladies looking at American Falls from the Canadian side  


                        Horseshow Falls from the Canadian side


 American Falls on the left and Horseshoe Falls on the end.  This picture was taken from the Rainbow Bridge which crosses to Canada.  We walked the entire way down to Horseshoe Falls and beyond on the Canada side and then to Goat Island and to the top of Horseshoe Falls on the US side.


                              Maid of the Mist


                This was taken on Goat Island (US side).


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