Quebec City – Part III

This is backtracking to earlier today after we left the tourist office.  First we walked around the Plains of Abraham, where the Battle of Quebec was fought in 1759 during the Seven Years War between the British and the French.  This area overlooks the St. Lawrence River and is  next to the Citadelle, part of the fortifications of Quebec. There is a wooden walk along the Plains called the Governors Promenade that has views over the river.  This is quite a long promenade with many steps down to river level and the lower part of town. 

IMG_3293IMG_3300                   Some of the Citadelle walls and guns.

IMG_3306    The best views were from a walk along the edge of the Citadelle 


IMG_3307After this outing, we went to the RV for lunch.  Then it was back out again into the old walled town (called Vieux Quebec on maps).