Quebec City – Part II

Around 7 we decided to leave the RV and go for a bite to eat since we were near many cute restaurants.  A man servicing the parking lot pay station warned us very nicely that if we tried to spend the night in the lot, the police would give us a ticket.  He told us about a free place to park but it was farther from the city than we wanted to go and he also told us about the lot near the train station that the tourist info lady had given us directions to.  We’re having another thunderstorm or I would be out taking pictures because the views here are incredible.  There are about 6 other RV’s here.  Steve just got back from paying for our spot – $45 for 24 hours of dry camping. We sure are going to take advantage of having all day tomorrow in the city and want to walk around the old town again.  But I’m glad we paid the $12 this morning and then came here in the evening; that way we have two full days in town.

IMG_3359 IMG_3360

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