Quebec City, Part I

We batted around several plans of attack on the city:  1) Take the ferry from Levis to old town and leave the RV with Molly in it at the dock 2) Go to an RV park called Camping Aeroport, pay $40 a night and take (expensive) tours from there that were offered, 3) Drive the RV into the city center and see what happens.

Axed number 1 because the temperature today was going to be in the low 90’s with high humidity and we didn’t want to leave Molly alone all day.  Also axed number 2 because we have to be frugal if we want to keep on traveling and save up for Europe.

Boulevard Champlain is the first exit after crossing the St. Lawrence River on highway 73.  However, there are two bridges and I was busy getting the camera out and didn’t read the signs.  IMG_3282 This is the bridge we were supposed to be on.  However, it all worked out. We took the first exit and then there was a loop around and here we are on Blvd Champlain going north. No traffic as this road along the river seems to be used only by people enjoying the parks along side.  We had the GPS set for “Fortifications of Quebec Historical Site” only because it was a big open area and we figured we could park easily and get our bearings.  We found a pay parking lot right next to the Plains of Abraham and the Citadelle which turned out to be a fantastic find.  No lot attendant so we had to figure out the machine.  It was $1.25 for each 15 minutes or it would take a maximum of $12 with no explanation of how long we would get for that. Turns out it gave us 24 hours. Parliament is across the street, the wall and gate into old town is two blocks away.  It couldn’t be better.   Here’s where we are right now and the building in front of us has a tourist office and money changer in it. 


IMG_3319                     Place George – V (we are parked on the left end)   

IMG_3318          Steve cleaned out his wallet and received CN $144.45 for US $144.00

A tourism assistant gave us a detailed map of Quebec to use as we walked around.  We mentioned to her that we were in an RV in the parking lot next to the building and could we stay the night there.  She gasped and said no, we weren’t even supposed to park there in an RV.  She went to talk to the boss, they looked out the window at the View, and said we were too big.  I asked if the city owned the lot and she said no, it was private.  So I don’t know what the deal is.  She said motor homes can park near the train station, and also stay the night, as there is a lot of parking there.  Steve asked if it was free.  She laughed and said “nothing in Quebec is free”. 


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