Quebec City – Part V

Yesterday was a much better day for walking all over town, cooler, blue skies for better pictures, and not so sticky humid.  I’m still going to post those pictures, probably later today.

But first I want to post pictures of the train station and explain where this is in relation to the RV overnight parking for a friend, Tessa, who is about 2 weeks behind us doing the same trip.  Last year,  adventuresome Tessa took her kids to Central American and to Europe in an RV.  Her interesting and ultra informative blogs are at:

But right at this moment, Steve just showed me the parking ticket receipt that you put into the window while parked in this lot.  When Steve paid he said he punched the button for $45 for 24 hours.  The receipt says we were good for 5 days, until 30 May at 7:30 pm.  But guess what?  We left yesterday and spent last night in a Walmart lot in Beauport.

IMG_3379 The building on the left is the train station. The one on the right is called Service Canada.  The short street in front of these buildings is de la Gare du Palais.  Turn left at the corner just past the Service Canada. Go around the bend. It will be the lot with boats stored on it.


IMG_3376                                                     Train station