Quebec City – Part VI

We are seeing so much that it’s getting hard to keep up with this blog.  The old town is one of those places where you could take pictures for days on end.  So here are just a few:

IMG_3449 We had a fabulous lunch at this table.  I had a delicious vegetable with my fish that I had never seen before.  It was green, very thin, in a tight little coil and each coil was just one small bite.  It looked something like a tiny green bean only it had no string and tasted much better.  The waitress didn’t know the English name for it but the French name translated to Head of Violin. My meal also included a creamy, fluffy polenta, an appetizer of smoked salmon with asparagus, and bread for $17. Very worthwhile. We looked for a restaurant in a part of town where it seemed the locals ate and there weren’t many tourists.

IMG_3386                                         IMG_3320




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