Ile D’Orleans

Last night we stayed in a Walmart parking lot just off the highway in Beauport.  This is a town 4 miles NE up the St. Lawrence from Quebec City.  We have stayed in quite a few Walmart parking lots in the US by now and are used to hearing the boom boxes, cars screeching their tires, and just generally a lot of activity most of the night.  Not last night. The area we were in had many big box stores and all was quiet by 10 pm.  Nice.

This morning we decided to go to Montmorency Falls just 4 more miles NE and again along the river.  All the Quebec literature compares these falls to Niagara by saying how much taller they are.  We could see the falls from the road and opted out of paying almost $10 to park and get close.  After seeing Niagara, I think I’m done with waterfalls for a while.  Right next to Montmorency Falls is the bridge to Orleans Island so we headed there.  The island has a population of 7000 and is known as the “Garden of Quebec” since it provides fruit and produce, cereals, and maple products for Quebec City.  We stopped at one roadside stand to buy strawberries but went away with nothing because they were $7 for a 2 pint container.  After that I stopped looking for farm fresh “ouef” too.  There are many old houses and churches on the island but almost no place to pull over and park and take pictures.  The few that I took were out the window.  All in all, it was a picturesque and enjoyable drive.

IMG_3477  IMG_3460IMG_3479  IMG_3470IMG_3471This shot was taken looking north to the mainland.  The river is actually a very muddy brown in this area and is also very shallow so I’m puzzled how ships get down river.  This is close to where the St. Lawrence seaway starts getting salty from the Atlantic.