Basilica St. Anne de Beaupre

This basilica is like Niagara is to all the other waterfalls. In other words, I can stop looking for the biggest and prettiest church.  There are so many beautiful churches everywhere in Quebec, particularly along the north side of the St. Lawrence.  There is a large complex where this basilica is that includes a museum, monastery, and several smaller churches one right after the other.  There’s a steep walk up a path leading to the monastery that has a life size set of the 12 stations of the cross  in various spots along the hill.  And there’s even a huge, no hookup campground next to the seaway where only a donation is requested.


This basilica can be seen in one of my pictures taken from the island of Orleans.  You can see how enormous this is by looking at the tiny people on the steps.




The inside was beautiful – wished I could take good low light pictures. 







There are several pilgrimages here each year.  This site is considered a shrine and there are facilities for the sick and disabled who visit to try and get healed.




This is inside one of the smaller chapels.  It had a replica of the Holy Stairs of Rome leading up to the 2nd floor.  There were pretty murals all along the walls of both levels.

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