Expect The Unexpected

As I mentioned in the previous post, the campground at the basilica had no hookups.  There was a place to get water but we needed to empty our tanks.  We had stayed one night and planned to stay a second.  Yesterday we went to the basilica’s information office and while I looked at brochures, Steve asked an assistant if she knew where we could empty our tanks.  She gave him two addresses, one in Beauport and one in Baie Saint Paul.  We would be passing through Beauport on our way back to Quebec to cross the bridge so that we could start our journey up the Gaspe peninsula.  In the meantime we decided to drive about 10 miles to Saint Joachim where the Avenue Royale ends and then return to the campground.  Avenue Royale is an old historic road that starts in Montreal that we had been driving on since leaving Quebec City.  So, when we got to Saint Joachim, we decided that we might as well drive farther NE about 30 miles to Baie Saint Paul to dump the tanks.  The drive is spectacular.  Very green and hilly with beautiful towns and views of the seaway.  IMG_3538 You go way up and way down several times.   Baie Saint Paul has such a scenic setting in a valley on the water.  You drive  down into the town and up again to leave. Steve said the scenery was prettier than New Zealand.


However, the address Steve obtained to dump turned out to be City Hall on a narrow, busy street where motor homes should not go.  Evidently there was a communication problem as the info lady spoke very little English.  Found a place to park and Steve went to the tourist building in town and found out there was a dump and fresh water at the fire station (street name is Racine and it’s right next to the Maxi grocery store).  By this time, we were 60 miles from Quebec City and we could see the towns on the other side of the seaway.  Turns out there was a ferry in Sainte Simeon and we were off.   The ferry was coming in just as we arrived and 15 minutes later we were on it headed to Riviere du Loup for the 75 minute trip.  Cost $126.  Driving miles saved:  239.  The diversion was so worth it and I already want to go back to the north side and see more.











Arrived in Riviere du Loup about 6:45 and luckily they had a Wal-Mart where we spent the night with about 6 other RV’s.  We are getting pretty good at not paying for campgrounds.  Sweet.