Wolfville, Nova Scotia

In 2007, Nova Scotia passed a law that forbade businesses from allowing RV’ers to stay overnight on their property.  Of course, it was the campground owners that instigated this law so they would have more business.  We don’t mind paying for a campground spot but not at extortion prices and that’s what they are here.  $24 is about the very least just to dry camp with no hookups; basically just a place to park for the night.  We decided to try out the Walmart in New Minas. Steve went in and asked permission and the customer service clerk told him about 4 times that it was okay but at our own risk.  By the time he got back to the RV I knew we weren’t going to stay there just by the clientele in the parking lot.  Shady characters plus the neighborhood was very congested and noisy with bars. We decided to at least eat our supper because it was already 7.  Then a nice couple knocked on our door asking if we planned to stay the night there and if so, they recommended against it.  They told us to come to the park where the tourist info center is in Wolfville about 5 miles away.  Their house is at the edge of the park and they said that in the very unlikely event we got chased away, we could stay in their driveway.  This turned out to be a fantastic turn of events because Wolfville is an adorable town and there was plenty to see. The nice couple, Nicky and Dave, sure saved us because we would have had to backtrack to an RV park that wanted $38. We will leave Nova Scotia early before we pay that kind of price.


Across the street from the park is a path on top of the dike that goes along the Minas Basin which is at the head of the Bay of Fundy. The dike holds back the tides that come in twice a day. This area has the highest tides in the world and also currents stronger than all the rivers and streams in the world put together.  Or so the literature says. The first time we walked out there, the tide was out.  Three hours later, here is the scene.

















While walking on the dike path we stopped and talked with a family.  Or as it usually happens, Molly meets someone’s dog and that’s how a conversation gets started.  They had seen Tulip at the park and were interested in our travels and then told us about the farmer’s market that would occur the next morning in the center of town.  We walked the same path to the market, but in the opposite direction and came to a nice gazebo lookout where a man started talking to me.  He was very nice and told me more about the area but the strange thing was, he was wearing blue pants and a shirt both made out of paper. The farmers market was great.  Even though it’s early in the season there was a good variety of products to choose from: A French and a German bakery stand, organic greens and lettuces, jams, honeys, foods to eat there, a band was playing, but best of all was the fresh fish.  We bought salt cod cakes and also haddock.  We went straight back to the RV and cooked the haddock for lunch.  There is sure a world of difference between frozen and fresh fish. 

Just outside of Wolfville is a turnoff that goes to a “Lookoff”. Here’s a picture of the view looking over the valley.