Digby, Nova Scotia

There are over 300 types of scallops and Digby scallops are supposed to be the best.  The finest restaurants serve them.  There is a restaurant/seafood market on the wharf called The Royal Fundy that I can’t brag about enough.  The tourist places were on the main street but the Royal Fundy looked to be just a locals places with reasonable prices.  I had the delicious scallops and Steve ordered shrimp.  The waitress told him the shrimp were the small Atlantic kind.  They were so tiny that Steve couldn’t find the tail and wasn’t too keen when he tasted them.  The waitress came back and said they goofed, that these were fried clams, and she was bringing Steve shrimp shortly.  We all laughed because Steve had never had clams and just thought these were weird shrimp.  We wrapped up with raspberry/rhubarb pie that I will remember forever.  The cooking was out in the open and when customers ordered lobster, the waitress took one out of the tank and weighed it because the price was 14.99 per pound.  Then it went into the pot.  Poor lobster.  I don’t think I will ever eat one again.  Nice town and nice people.




                  IMG_3931                                              The Royal Fundy 

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