Self Portrait

Now just so you know, my legs are not fat.  It just looks this way in the picture.  And yes I know, I need a pedicure.  So here’s what happened. IMG_4004

We drove to Lunenburg this morning and got a spot at the campground next to the tourist information office.  Our site was sloped pretty bad and Steve had to level one side of the RV which made the bottom step that comes out of the RV about twice as high as normal.  We ate lunch and then were going to walk around town.  I had my camera in one hand, jacket in the other, forgot about the step height and down I went.   We waited a couple of hours and the pain didn’t improve so Steve went to the tourist office and they advised that we go to the emergency room at the local hospital because no doctor would see us.

The nurse had Steve go upstairs and register right away.  He came back and said he was told it would be $250 for just walking in.  So we kept trying to guess what this was going to cost. $2000? $3000? I was groaning about not getting travel insurance which I had intended to do but never got around to it. The break is in the fibula (or something like that).  Not the big bone that runs down the leg but the smaller one.  It’s a clean fracture about 3 inches above the ankle so no surgery or setting was required.   I will have this 1/2 non-walking cast for 6 weeks.  The doctor said that after a week if I am pain free and can bear to put weight on my leg that I could go to a pharmacy and get a kind of shoe that straps on and then I can walk with it.

The thing that really gets me is that I won’t be able to walk the town which is a UNESCO world heritage site.  The only bit I saw was driving in and to the hospital but I can see it is a town like no other.

Oh and the cost:  Hospital, doctor, four X-rays, and cast grand total was $250. Period.


  1. That was almost the exact way Norma broke her hip in Tucson a few years ago. Out insurance flew us back to Canada for repairs. Her hip was broken and they operated on her the night we landed. No wait list at all for emergencies, only elective.


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