Long Days Night

The misery started yesterday afternoon about 2 when I had cod one last time in Newfoundland and it was more grease and batter than fish.  We lined up about 10 pm for the ferry and just missed being put on an earlier one that had extra room.  When you book a ferry your arrival time is not provided on Marine Atlantic’s  website.  But I had checked and saw that the one we were taking (Atlantic Vision) had left Port aux Basque earlier in the day and only took 4 1/4 hours to arrive in Nova Scotia where the other ferries take a little over 6 hours.  We were in line all night with the tractor trailers and their engines running. They turn them off for the ferry ride so why do they have to torture people all night long where ever they are parked?  The ferry left at 6 am instead of 3 am.   We sat in the lounge and people had already grabbed the long seats and were snoring away.  My stomach was really queasy and my foot and leg hurt like heck and was swelling up. Then the snack bar attendant goes around and turns on all the televisions to those stupid loud shopping channels.  We had not even left and I was in agony every which way but figured we could tough it out for 4 hours.  Three and a half hours goes by and I overheard one of the crew say this trip was 7 hours long!  We went to the pursers desk and sure enough they told us that Canadian transportation laws require the captain get 7 hours sleep in every 24 hour period so this ferry’s speed was slowed down to comply with that law.  So in order that I not possibly upchuck in the lounge we got a cabin.  What cost $40+ during the day coming over costs $118 at night even though the ferry didn’t leave until 6 am but it was still considered a night crossing.  The good news:  The Atlantic Vision is plush like a cruise ship.  Really, really nice compared to the others that are ready for the graveyard. 

We arrived in Sidney, Nova Scotia about 12:30 pm NS time and drove all afternoon to Antagonish Walmart to spend the night.  By the way, on June 25th Nova Scotia repealed the no overnight parking law and word must have gotten out because for the first time we have other RV’ers for company.

PS  Eight weeks today on the broken leg and sprained ankle and I have lost my patience. 


  1. Hey Evelyn, Have tried numerous time to coment to your blog and noticed only once did it get through. Have you banned me ! So sorry about your rough ferry experience. My bad trip was going over there. Stormy day and lots of choppy waves. Glad you made it without major “upheavals”…. I still wish I could go back – right now!
    Safe travels,
    Clara Ellis


  2. We have signed up for another caravan tour to Oregon next summer – otherwise I would definitely go back to NL, ASAP. (That was not our caravan you ran into.) We didn't go farther east than St. Anthony. Don't know if I mentioned it, but my husband is legally blind and I do ALL the driving. We have a Lazy Daze like Tessa but it's 30' Going on a really long trip with a caravan or tailgating is the safest way for us. If you have time my blog of our maritime trip is at jcchuckie.blogspot.com (Chuckie is our rig)Good luck with that leg and ankle.


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