Boats and Buskers

When we arrived in Nova Scotia two days ago we initially planned to head straight for New Brunswick and Maine.  There is a Winnebago View/Navion rally in Iowa mid September and that was the driving force to a ridiculously accelerated schedule to first visit family in North Carolina, Kentucky, and Ohio.  There’s no sense heading south to the heat at this time. plus there’s much more to see.  One of my readers, Clara, left a comment along with her blog address two days ago that got me to thinking and planning more places to see.  Thanks Clara!
Yesterday we drove into Halifax with no real plan other than getting to the wharf area to see the Blue Nose II Schooner because we missed it in Lunenburg in June.  Driving in Halifax is very confusing even with a map and GPS.  We found a street name near the wharf and set the GPS and it took us to this bridge that we couldn’t cross because we were over the weight limit. IMG_5801
The GPS tried again but when we got to where two highways come close together the GPS got confused and we were on the wrong one going out of the city.  Regrouped at a Wal-Mart.  Then we turned off the highway feature and took a lovely road that went along the Bedford Basin into the city.  Much better until we got into the heart of downtown which has lots of traffic and just two lane streets with tall buildings on either side.  I doubt that people see RV’s driving in the city very often.  Luckily we found a parking lot right on the wharf with room for the RV.  The atmosphere was fantastic with crowds of people watching the various entertainers and looking at the boats.  However, we found out the Blue Nose is now in Lunenburg.
IMG_5817This lady was made up to look like a statue.  Every now and then she would move a little.
IMG_5827These kids did not look happy at all.  The one in the middle just kept glaring at her mother furiously. 
IMG_5829                                       Town Clock

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