Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick

At low tide you can walk on the ocean floor, and just six hours later when the tide is high, the ocean will be 50 feet high. The rocks are unusual erosion formations known as “flowerpots”. The shore is lined with these irregular geological forms, as well as caves and tunnels, all of which have been created by erosion from the great tides. There are several nice walking trails but we took a golf cart type shuttle down to a viewing point above the rocks.
Before we entered the park I jokingly said to Steve that I wondered if the entrance fee would be $7.80.  Everywhere that we have been, fees for parks or museums have been between $7.50 – $9.00 with $7.80 being a popular amount.  I was wrong, the entrance fee was $8.50 each.  Later when we drove through Fundy National Park, we noted their fee was $7.80 if we had elected to visit the park.
IMG_5856This line of people was very long. They were waiting to wash off their feet and shoes after walking on the ocean floor.
IMG_5861The Fundy Coastal  Drive from Moncton to the entrance of Fundy National Park is beautiful.  It’s worth the drive just to see all the flowers.  

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