Saint John

is the capitol of New Brunswick and Saint is always spelled out to avoid confusion with the capitol of Newfoundland, St. John’s. 
Our first stop in the city was to the Reversing Falls which really is not an accurate name.  It should be called Reversing River. When the high Bay of Fundy tides rise, the current in the river reverses, causing the water to flow upstream.  It looks like rapids when this happens twice a day.   Hint: Don’t use the coordinates in the Garmin GPS attractions to get there.  It will take you to a little parking area on the river a few miles from the actual observation area.  There’s plenty of signs in town to drive to the correction location.  As a bonus, the views of the city are great and there’s room for RV’s to park.

Our next stop was the heart of downtown.  We made one wrong turn and good old Tulip (with Steve’s help) was able to make a U-turn right on Main Street.  I wanted to go to the City Market but got mixed up when we saw a building that said Market Square. There was a parking lot next to it with no room for Tulip so we created a spot in front of the ticket machine.  We started walking and asked some men where the City Market was and after seeing me limping they said it was a  long walk. They gave us directions but every other sentence was about how far it was.  We entered Market Square which is like a mall but it’s downtown and connects several buildings so you can walk indoors to many shops, restaurants, the library, banks, and finally to City Market.  I ended up walking almost a mile and it hurt so good .  Hallelujah!!  We took a taxi back to the parking lot.
 IMG_5894 City Market, where they have great produce, meats, a bakery, little eateries, and FISH!!

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