St. Martins and St. Andrews By-The-Sea

Our last stops in Canada were these two towns on the coast of New Brunswick.  St. Martin has a great little park near the visitor center where we spent some time relaxing.  There’s a little lake, a covered bridge, and two park areas.  500 sailing ships were built here in the golden age of sail and this history is recorded at the local Quaco Museum.  There are red sea cliffs and caves rising around the village.  The caves can be walked in when the tide is out.
Our last stop before crossing back into the US was the summer resort of St. Andrews By-The-Sea.  It is one of the oldest towns in the province, having been founded by loyalists in 1783.  The town is quite a bit larger than St. Michael and more upscale.  The downtown had several blocks of typical tourist shops and restaurants and huge crowds.  We drove around town a bit but didn’t stop anywhere.  The Fairmont Algonquin Hotel built in 1889 is very attractive and has lovely gardens.

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