Manitou Springs

I never did get back over to Manitou Springs to take more pictures so I will post a few that I took last year. Our hometown is in a narrow valley between mountains and is the home of the Pikes Peak cog railway, a castle, many historical old buildings,  and around a dozen natural springs.  There’s an easy walking tour you can take to see and taste the water of each of the springs.  My favorite, Twin Springs, has a slightly sweet carbonated taste that people use to make lemonade.  You can go to to download a map of the springs.  All of the springs are free.  Up until about 6 years ago, Manitou Springs was a bit shabby looking but since then there has been a huge downtown revitalization project that has brought in many visitors.
Manitou used to be known for it’s witches and hippies.  The hippies are still here but they have grown up and there’s probably a few witches left too.  Manitou is a very “live and let live town”.  I love the air of tolerance here.  There are many festivals and parades, especially in summer.  During the summer we can sit on our balcony and hear the concerts held on the library lawn every Tuesday.  Fireworks on the 4th of July are set off by the fire department on the mountain right across from our house.  One of the displays is a huge waterfall that is out of this world.  Our house overlooks the downtown and Pikes Peak.  As I write this, I am sure missing living in Manitou Springs.
If you like to walk and want to get around all of Manitou without a car, the best campground to stay in is Pikes Peak RV Park. There’s another bigger one with more spaciousness that’s maybe 3 miles away called Garden of the Gods Campground.  There are shops and restaurants galore.  The best restaurants in the entire Colorado Springs region are in Manitou Springs.  My favorites are:  Adams Mountain Café, Mona Lisa Fondue, Craftwood Inn, The Loop, and the Mate Factor Café.  I need to mention that no one is paying me to mention businesses or products in this blog.  Note:  This is the first time to try the album feature.  For me, the slide show didn’t change pictures automatically.  There’s an arrow to the right of each picture to move it along.

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