The Green Desert

The drive between Lake Havasu City and Parker is quite pretty along the lake and river.  There’s RV after RV park by the banks of the river in a canyon like setting.  Steve noticed a sign in front of a very nice looking RV park that said $10 for full hookups.  When he went into the office they told him that also included free Wi-Fi AND golf AND the $10 rate was good for four days.  But the catch was we had to listen to a 90 minute presentation.  We decided not to waste the resorts’ time – although it sure would have been nice to stay there.DSC_1035
Quartzite is the famous place in the desert where supposedly close to a million RV’ers spend the winter.  Hard to imagine but we did see many RV’s dispersed throughout the desert as we drove by.  Someone would have to pay me a lot of money to camp there.  Steve has always wanted to come to Arizona in the winter and I have finally let him have his way………..but not for long Smile 
Twenty miles from Yuma, suddenly the desert turned green (love it) and then you see these fields all the way to the city along with the busses that bring the Mexican migrant workers out.  We were going too fast to photograph the clusters of these workers hoeing the ground but I sure felt for them.  These people go through a lot to make a bare bones living.  I wonder what our produce would cost without them?

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