Algodones, Mexico

Algodones is a town across from California very near Yuma that has many dentists and pharmacies.  The dentist we both saw today said there were over 300 dentists in town all competing for everyone’s business. Our checkup and cleaning was $25 each and the dentist quoted $126 for a porcelain crown and $40 for fillings.  From everything I have read, these dentists all do good work.  We would like to have checkups from another dentist for a second opinion because her list of what we need done is pretty long.  We met some Canadians in the dentist’s office who had just gotten new glasses (two hour wait) and said their savings was considerable from what they would pay in Canada.  They’ve been coming down for several years and said they never need to have anything corrected – that the glasses are perfect the first time.  One optical shop even advertises that you can get glasses just like Sarah Palin!
I thought that since Algodones is so close to the US that the pharmacy and dental prices wouldn’t be discounted as much as farther into Mexico.  But the prices seemed to me to be less here.  I bought some prescription Retin A (in case a wrinkle should ever show up) and it was only 3 dollars. 

Mexican restaurants are always so colorful and have a nice atmosphere.  This one had a singer playing an electric organ that was very good.  Or 

maybe he just sounded good because the house margarita’s were so potent!

These performers had quite the c
ostumes.  We didn’t see their 

performance but I’ll bet it was interesting.  Tomorrow the town is having a welcome back to the snowbirds party and there will be free food and tequila along the streets.  It should be fun.

There’s an enormous parking lot right next to the border that even has an ATM machine and then the walk to the Mexican side is less than a block.  There were no lines crossing or coming back.  People are not supposed to take pictures at the border itself. 

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