Date Palm Grove

Driving away from Algodones we were trying to decide what to do next.  1) Should we find a place for the night and go back and find another dentist the next day, 2) Should we go to San Diego, 3) Should we start driving to Colorado?  When we got to I-8, I kept quiet to let Steve decide which way to turn.  He went east.  We drove about 70 miles and the sun was beginning to set when we saw a campground sign.  This park is co-located with a travel plaza and is 40 miles from the nearest town.  Not my normal cup of tea.  But it has turned out to be very pleasant and we keep extending our stay one day at a time.  So we aren’t leaving Arizona just yet.
 Nice sunset views from the View plus maximum bars on our Verizon broadband reception.

Trains go by every 20 minutes or so.  All the sites here have what I think are hedges of tall oleander shrubs for separation and shade.  Having full hookups is a luxury we’ve been without for most of this trip.

We were walking by the tracks today with our cameras when this train came.  The engineer laid on his whistle and tooted quite a while for us.  It was great!

There is a date palm tree grove next to the RV park.

And a little citrus tree grove.  The weather has warmed up and it’s perfect right now.