Back to Mexico

The dental situation gnawed at us so we drove back to California yesterday.  We stayed in the RV parking lot of the Quechan Casino Resort last night which is just a mile or so from Algodones and also ate supper at their outstanding buffet.
Today, we returned to Algodones searching for another dentist to get a second opinion and met a fellow standing outside the Gomez dental clinic waiting on his mother. He said she had been coming to this office for the past 5 years.  So Steve and I both had checkups again which actually are free at all the clinics.  It’s just teeth cleaning you pay for and even some places advertise that as being free.  This office had very modern equipment and seemed more professional, plus the waiting room was very busy with gringo’s coming and going.  Well, I went from needing 6 crowns last week to needing 7 crowns, 1 root canal, and 3 fillings.  Steve went from 15 fillings, zero crowns, to needing 10 fillings and 1 crown.  I might add that Steve rarely requires dental work when he has his regular checkups.  To make it all more confusing my American dentist told me I needed 10 crowns just 14 months ago.  The dentist in San Carlos, Mexico this past March said I need 3 crowns.  And to top it all off, 4 of the teeth that supposedly need crowns today were different from the teeth needing crowns at Friday’s checkup.  I sure never knew dentistry was so subjective.  I would love to have the work done that is necessary but now with 4 dentists saying 4 different things in the last 14 months, I have decided that I will wait until I have a toothache and just get that tooth fixed then.
All was not lost though.  It seems that after I bought the Retin A last week a wrinkle showed up and this cream did a good job of diminishing it’s appearance.  So I bought 4 tubes!  Plus we bought a bottle of tequila and of orange liquor.  And we had lunch at a courtyard type restaurant with music. You can’t see it but there’s a huge canopy of leaves overhead from the trees. 


  1. It's just too bad we couldn't get to the root of our oral problems since the low extraction rate of dollars for the procedures would be nearly painless. Sylvia, the paper crowns are a good idea but having to eat 14 burgers would be so filling!


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