It’s Warm

81 today and the last few nights have not required the heater at all.  Nice. Speaking of the heater, we did return the Wave 3 catalytic heater for repair.  Between our postage, their postage, and the cost of replacing the pad, we would have only been out $16 to buy a new one from Amazon (no shipping charge).  What a disaster.  We’re having a little spell of things breaking right now.  Might as well get it all over at once, right?  Steve sat on his newish netbook type PC and damaged the hard drive.  And then there’s been several  odds and ends with the RV.  Fortunately Steve is handy enough to fix most RV problems and that saves us quite a bit of $$.
Steve decided to get one tooth crowned after all so we went back to the Gomez Dental Clinic in Algodones and then will need to return Monday for the permanent crown.  I sat in the waiting room for the hour or so that he was in the chair and talked to several people who just raved about this clinic.  One lady said she brings her 4 kids there too.  From what I see, it looks like everyone gets their old fillings replaced with crowns and a lot of it is for cosmetic reasons. 
    I don’t know what kind of birds these are.


  1. I had wondered where you all were so sat down and read through your blog. Sorry to hear of the tragic finish with your renters daughter. You never expect that to happen to anyone you know.

    I hate dentists although our current dentist is helping me feel better about seeing him. Hopefully the crown is helping Steve.



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