Via Michelin

DSC_0063It’s funny how you can be looking up something on the internet and the page has a link to another site and that site gives you several links to other interesting sites and before you know it you’re reading something totally different from the subject you started with.  Sometimes I don’t even remember what I was originally looking for.  Today I ended up at  This is a a map and routing site for Europe.  But what is unique about it is you can choose the type of routing you want such as: Most economical, fastest, sightseeing, no toll roads, etc.  You receive fuel and toll road costs for the trip that’s been routed.  And there’s a tourist option that puts green circles in the area of your routing of sightseeing locations and then you can watch audio/video shorts for any location chosen.  This Michelin map book that we bought does not include the little Austrian town I was born in.  But the website map can be zoomed in on so closely that it does appear.